Cubicle Office Furniture Systems – FREE USA Shipping

Cubicle Office Furniture Systems – FREE USA Shipping.

Cubicle Office Furniture Systems For Sale

The essential framework of all cubicle office furniture systems are the partitions. Short or tall, broad or small, partitions separate one workstation from another. That’s true, even when you choose a height that’s so low as to barely provide boundaries at all.

Cubicle partitions are made of steel for strength, but the part that you see might be any number of materials. Laminates are a great choice, since they resist scratches, clean up easily, and are available in hundreds of different colors. Fabrics are a classic partition covering, and you can also have natural wood.

Partitions determine the boundaries of every cubicle, which is an important first step in the process. But there are many other decisions left to be made when you’re in the market for complete workstation systems.

Desk Surfaces Vary by Need

Power Hydraulic Dirt, Concrete, Ice, Post Hole Digger Auger

Power Hydraulic Dirt, Concrete, Ice, Post Hole Digger Auger.

Skid Steer Auger Attachments


Information On Hydraulic Power Skid Steer Auger Attachment For Drilling Concrete, Rocks & Doubles As A Post Hole Digger.

Easy Rack’s hydraulic power skid steer augers are intended to transform your skid steer into a heavy-duty drilling device.  Augers are ideal for practically any construction-related drilling application. Skid steer augers can be used to remove dirt from areas that are intended for posts holes, pillars, or utility poles.  They can also drill through concrete, Power hydraulic augers can also drill through earth, concrete, ice, soil, fence post & a post hole digger auger for digging dirt.  Special skid steer duty augers and auger drives can drill through certain strata and densities of solid rock.

Cubicle Systems For Sale, Designed & Installed Houston, TX

Cubicle Systems For Sale, Designed & Installed Houston, TX.

Used Office Cubicles In Houston For Sale

Cubicles are typically no small investment. So it only makes sense to save as much as you can, when you can, to help keep the budget intact. Used office cubicles are a great way to do that, and you might find exactly what you’re looking for. If not, you could even create it and still get the benefit of used.

Here’s how:

Used Office Cubicles Aren’t Necessarily Damaged
The idea of a used cubicle might make you think of a scratch and dent special where nothing matches, some parts don’t function like they should, and you’re generally un-thrilled with the whole investment. A used cubicle that you envision might serve a function, but that’s about the extent of it. Thank goodness that’s not really the case.

Inbox (1,060) – – Gmail

Inbox (1,060) – – Gmail.

Skid Steer For Attachment For Sale


If you need your skid steer to behave like a fork truck, Easy Rack’s fork attachments for skid steer loaders provide you with the maneuverability and power you need.  Operators can see through frame openings in order to be able to maneuver these skid steer fork attachments into position and pick up large, cumbersome loads like piles of railroad ties.  The captive forks will hold steady and not sway during transport, or when their contents are dumped.

Heavy Duty Mortar Buggy Make Masonry Projects Go Smoothly

Heavy Duty Mortar Buggy Make Masonry Projects Go Smoothly.

Mortar Buggies For Sale
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  • Mortar Buggies to move mortar mud from the mixer to the scaffold, this is the most efficient way to move mortar into areas inaccessible by forklifts.
    Masonry tools designed for exact applications can decrease the time it takes to complete your assignment.  Mortar buggies, for example, can place mortar right next to the scaffold within fast and safe reach of employees, then moved away and stacked at the end of the day using forklifts.  If forklifts cannot access the part of the wall your team is working on, a mortar buggy can be used as alternate transports into hard to reach spaces that would otherwise slow the task down.  If personnel are working at heights over 4.5 or 5”, you might want to also think about investing in plaster and masonry stands that elevate gear and tools so staff do not have to bend down to reach them.  This helps maintain momentum and reduces the risk of slips and falls that can result when people have to fumble for equipment.

Forklift Masonry Mortar Tubs & Mud Buggies For Sale

Forklift Masonry Mortar Tubs & Mud Buggies For Sale.

Mortar Tubs & Masonry Buggy
Easy Rack’s Masonry Mortar Tubs Forklift Attachment

Masonry Equipment
Masonry equipment is an vital component of inventory for any construction crew that is building a structure that is 65% brick or more. Masonry equipment is most commonly found in the residential construction market.

Heavy Duty Forklift Mortar Tubs 
One of the problems that brick and block masonry dealers constantly have to deal with is the constant need to re-temper mortar that has dried out. Shallow pans are much longer and wider than they are deep, and evaporation occurs quickly due to the large surface area combined with a lack of depth. Easy Rack mortar tubs save brick and block masons a great deal of time and money by preserving mortar longer and minimizing time lost in re-tempering.

brick cart

brick cart.

Brick Carts For Sale

Brick Cart For Sale In Houston, TexasBrick Cart Model Number ER-202B

> Brick Cart Tilt Cap. – 600 lbs.
> One pair 8″ forks
> Accommodates any banded brick package
> 4 ply – wide high-float tires Heavy Duty 1″ dia. axle w/ 3″ roller bearings
> Brick cart overall width 29″
> Weight 115 lbs

Block Cart 203BDeluxe Rough Terrain Brick Cart Model Number ER-203B

> Brick cart tilt capacity 1000 lbs.
> Two pair 15″ forks & one pair 8″ forks
> Accommodates any banded block or brick package > More fork adjustment holes to accommodate banded block packages
> 4 ply – wide high-float tires
> Heavy Duty 1″ dia. axle with 3″ roller bearings
> Spring loaded positioning wheels
> Overall width 29″
> Weight 140 lbs.

Brick and block carts are designed to help masons working in construction move brick and block into work areas where forklift access is either limited or impractical.  Easy Rack see the greatest use of these brick carts in single story construction jobs where fork-trucks are simply too expensive to purchase or lease, and where the construction area itself is much smaller than that around bigger homes.  Brick and block carts are remarkably efficient tools for this task, and they are affordable for even the smallest of family owned construction companies to invest in.