Heavy-Duty Forklift Spreader Bar Forklift Attachment

Heavy-Duty Forklift Spreader Bar Forklift Attachment.

Spreader Bars For Forklift Attachment

Heavy Duty Fork Lift Spreader Bars

A forklift spreader bar is a bar that attaches to the front of a fork truck.  It is used to stabilize any material that has a tendency to bend when it is lifted.  With the stabilizing effect of the bar, materials can be handled more easily, safely, and without damage to their structures.

These forklift attachments are engineered with universal fit so they will work with any rough terrain, extendable reach, or straight mast fork truck.  Attachments come in 12 foot, 20 foot, or 30 foot lengths to handle different load requirements.

There are many materials that will bend and warp when lifted with forks.  Forks are too close together to support the heavy ends of long, cylindrical objects or excessively wide loads.  There arose a need in the material handling industry to develop a fork truck attachment that would provide equal support to the ends of these materials in addition to supporting the center of gravity.


Heavy Duty Self Dumping Hoppers. Forklift Self-Dumping Hopper Attachment Dealer

Heavy Duty Self Dumping Hoppers. Forklift Self-Dumping Hopper Attachment Dealer.

Self dumping hoppers are designed to fit both standard mast and extendable reach forklifts.  Each unit features a pocket base that can accommodate forks up to 10” wide and 2 ½” thick.Self-Dumping Hopper Attachment For Forklifts.

Self dumping hoppers are designed to fit both standard mast and extendable reach forklifts.  Each unit features a pocket base that can accommodate forks up to 10” wide and 2 ½” thick.  Easy Rack self-dumping hoppers are construction grade devices designed to withstand continual wear and tear in a fast-paced, heavy-duty construction environment.  Unlike cheaper unites made from thin sheet metal, our hoppers are made of ¼” and 3/16” steel place.  This makes them ideal for removing broken up concrete, plaster, brick, particle board, and other debris.  Cleanup crews save a great deal of time when they use self-dumping hoppers for any and all tasks related to moving trash from the building site to the dumpster.  The simplicity of attaching a hopper to a forklift in a matter of minutes reduces the time it takes to clear the site by 

Teardrop Style Pallet Racks & Used Pallet Racking. Houston Texas

Teardrop Style Pallet Racks & Used Pallet Racking. Houston Texas.

Tear Drop Style Used Pallet Racks, Sizes & Racking


We have acres of teardrop style New & used pallet racks in stock and ready to ship!

Teardrop pallet racks and beamsAll teardrop style pallet racks are not created equal, in fact a buckled pallet rack can cause injury to employees, damage expensive merchandise, loss of time and money to upgrade or replace existing pallet racks. Easy Rack’s Teardrop pallet racking offer tensile steel columns and heavy channel bracing soundly welded together result in a strong & reliable upright truss. Our boltless design teardrop style pallet racks are for companies that are looking for teardrop pallet racks that are safe, easy to assemble, increase employee product selection accuracy, last for years and never have to worry about storage racks again.

Let Us Educate You About Cubicles Installation, Design, Moving

Let Us Educate You About Cubicles Installation, Design, Moving.

Used Glass Office Cubicles

A business may shy away from the traditional cubicles made of metal panels and fabric-covered tiles. While traditional cubicles have their purpose in most offices, other offices need to be able to project an upscale look and feel. This is where glass office cubicles can fit that business’ needs.

Budget Concerns

The business that needs to project an upscale feel may still worry about a budget that won’t allow for individual offices for its employees. Perhaps clients come in. Or the business has a high public profile, with its name and images of its office space featured in news and magazine articles.

For whatever reason, traditional workplace cubicles won’t project the image the company is seeking. Here, freestanding glass office cubicles can help the business create individual offices within budget, yet giving the company an upscale feel.

Modular Office Furniture Cubicles – USA FREE SHIPPING

Modular Office Furniture Cubicles – USA FREE SHIPPING.

Modular Office Furniture Cubicles For Sale In Houston, TX

Offices across the country are looking at the space and storage needs for themselves and their workers. By going out to their office spaces and closely observing what their workers are doing, managers and owners can develop good insights about their current setups. Are their current arrangements working? Why or why not? If not, how are they determining what their employees need?

What Happens With the Current Cubicle Configuration?

That business manager standing at the entrance to the cubicles and looking around, often jotting down notes, may be observing to see if his workers are well-served by the current cubicle configuration. He may be noticing that the mobile workers who just came in are wandering around, looking for an empty space in which to sit and get their work done. He may see one cubicle packed with three or more workers as they confer together on a project.