Commercial Folding Scissor Security Gates Reduce Break In’s

Easy Rack Offers Commercial & Industrial Grade Security Scissor/Folding Scissor Gates Sales & Accessories For Sale. Reduce Smash & Grab Crimes & Break In Crime

Source: Commercial Folding Scissor Security Gates Reduce Break In’s

Recycled Metal Folding Gates For :Sale Near Me

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Even the strongest of security doors do not always prevent unlawful entry or break in. Criminals know how to and will enter almost any door if they enough resolve.  Our recycled security scissor gates add an extra level of security to office buildings that desire to limit or bar admission through one or more of its doors. Security metal folding gates are made from a folding lattice of sturdy ¾”channel that can expand and cover the entry to the doorway to be restricted, and they can be mounted either in the casing or the facing of the door opening.

Easy Rack’s folding security door gates have been engineered to limit access to door openings that range between 24” and 48” in width and 61” to 83” in height. Door security gates are designed with a reversible hinge design that allows them to be mounted to either the right side of the entrance way or the left side. When the folding gate is opened, it they will pivot a full 180 degrees to allow secure, suitable entry to the building. Every folding security gate includes a locking bar to secure the unit and block unauthorized access and/or intrusion.

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