All Dock Boards & Dock Plates On Sale Now!

Source: All Dock Boards & Dock Plates On Sale Now!

Aluminum dockboards provide a lightweight, yet sturdy bridge between dock and truck and are manufactured in full compliance with all OSHA regulations. They are a necessity for every shipping and receiving department.The Utility and Variety of Truck Dockboards

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Truck dockboards can make or break your day on the warehouse dock. Some days, without them, you won’t get any loading or unloading done.

30" Width Aluminum Dock Plates - Model ATruck Dockboards Make Any Trailer Fit Your Dock

Truck trailers are usually built to exacting specifications, as are warehouse docks, so that they match in height. However, sometimes, like when non-standard tires are used on the trailer, they don’t match up. With a truck dock ramp, that’s not a problem though. You can load and unload with ease.

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