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The most necessary elements in a commercial public restroom stall are the stall partitions. Commercial Restroom Partitions has several materials, colors, and designs to choose from.  Powder coated metal, stainless steel, solid plastic, plastic laminated, solid phenolic core, and granite can be integrated into your public restroom design.

For the toughest and longest lasting commercial public restroom stall, solid phenolic core partitions are the best choice.  These partitions can withstand the most extreme conditions.  It is dent and vandal resistant, mildew resistant, and can be cleaned with almost any type of cleanser.  While the initial price is higher, the long lasting qualities make the cost worthwhile.

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Restrooms in manufacturing facilities come in contact with a wide range of materials, often including chemicals, and they’re also subject to lots of traffic. The toilet partitions that you choose to furnish these restrooms need several features to serve the whole facility well.

Ceiling-hung toilet partitions allow you to keep busy restrooms completely sanitized, because there’s no floor-mount hardware to clean around. And with the range of styles that we offer, you can complement the facility decor or design a straightforward, function-first restroom that looks clean and stays sturdy for many years to come.

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Fabrication Holds up to Repeated Use Hand in hand with mar resistance is durable fabrication. Clean up is easy, no matter if you choose brushed stainless, rich granite, laminate, or any of our wide variety of baked enamel styles. And our solid plastic or steel fabrication will hold up to repeated cleanings, door slams, and all of the bumps and other abuse that the public can dish out. Keeping the bathrooms pristine is a high priority in convention centers

Forklift Drum Lifter & Rotator Attachment For Sale – Made In USA – Avnix Heavy Duty Construction Equipment Sales

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Forklift Drum Attachment For Sale Cheap Discount Pricing

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Avnix forklift drum attachment allows you to easily transport and rotate 55-gallon steel drums using a forklift truck.  Each drum grabber attachment comes with a 15 foot long chain to allow the drum to be rotated up to 360° from the forklift drivers seat.  Fork pockets measure 7-5/8″W x 2-5/8″H usable, except ERDCR-205-8 and ERDCR-205-15 usable is 7″ W.  DC powered units include (2) two 12V batteries, on-board charger, and hand held control on a 4 ft. to 20 ft. long coil cord.  Safety restraint is used to secure attachment to Forklift. Bung Nut Wrench, model ERBNW-I, is also included for opening and closing drums.

Forklift Drum Attachments clamp or grip attachment to the forks, this attachment is useful for lifting and  transporting round containers like drums. It is also offered in a type that is attached to the carriage in place of the forks. Still another type is known as a “drum tine” and consists of concave cylindrical bars which are extensions of the forks and move a drum in a horizontal position.

Most forklifts can do more things than lifting products onto pallets with the help of  a forklift attachment. After you’ve purchased a forklift for a particular job you will  soon find out that your fork truck can handle a lot more jobs than you initially anticipated. Or, the needs of your company may change or increased business and you need to make more demands on your forklift. The best  cost effective way of making these changes is the use of forklift attachment. Many fork truck attachments fit on forklifts allowing the forklift to do more than just lift  pallet loads. One of those is a forklift drum attachment that can clamp, grip, transport and rotate 55 gallon drums.

Forklift Drum Lifting Attachment

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Fantastic Forklift Boom Attachment For Sale – Made In USA

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Forklift boom attachment offers exceptional performance, ease of use and safety features are built into every forklift boom extension attachment. Made from structural steel with welding to meet American Welding Society creates a rugged and long lasting forklift boom that will outlast your forklift Telescopic booms come with an adjustable locking screw (except orbit booms which features a locking detent).
Fork pockets for 3,000 and 4,000 pound capacity models measure 7½”W x 2½”H usable. Usable fork pockets are 7¼”W x 2¼”H for 6,000 and 8,000 pound uniform capacity models. A 36″ safety restraint secures the boom attachment to the fork truck for safe operation. Each boom model includes two lifting hooks.
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Most forklifts are designed for lifting and moving pallets about. Boom extensions are used to give the forklift more span and more muscle for heavier loads. Yet, a forklift can do more than just lift and move pallets around. By using one of the many forklift booms available, you can use the forklift for more specific jobs.
Operators of forklifts have to go through a training course. This is designed to ensure that the operator can safely operate the forklift to prevent injury to the operator as well as those working in the vicinity. Forklifts are dangerous and all should understand and comply with all safety procedures.
For employees that will be working with forklift booms must be given additional education to make certain they know how to safely use forklift boom attachments. Accidents have happened from failure to safely operate a boom during the work day. There are quite a few companies that offer training classes on all types of forklift booms. Some businesses offer on-site training where workers can all be trained on the site where they will be working. This gives the trainer a chance to address all safety concerns that the job site will present.
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Ceiling Hung Bathroom PartitionsADA Compliant Restroom Partitions are a necessity for every commercial restroom layout. If your facility design is governed by the Americans with Disabilities Act, you’ll need restroom partitions that are ADA compliant. This means any person in the facility who uses a wheelchair or otherwise needs special accommodations in a toilet can access them freely and without assistance.

Our catalog item, Ceiling Hung Partitions combines ADA compliance with a durable finish that’s available in a wide range of colors. The different layout configurations available let you customize the whole restroom with standard partitions and those for people with special needs, while maintaining a cohesive appearance.

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Phenolic Core Bathroom Partitions

Phenolic core bathroom partitions have construction that’s made of surface papers impregnated with melamine, and underlying layers of compressed phenolic core sheets. The result is a fully water-resistant partition that will never de-laminate. These are perfect for damp areas, and they’re available in any of the standard mounting styles, including floor, ceiling, and floor mounted overhead braced.

Phenolic core partitions have another benefit, which is a range of textured colors instead of solid ones. Some look like natural stone such as slate or speckled granite, some have a woodgrain pattern, and some have a variegated wash of colors. We stock 18 different colors, and you can also choose from any Wilsonart color or pattern that you like.