Guidelines To Buying Stainless Steel Restroom Partitions |

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It would be a good idea to call a general meeting with your custodial crew and go over stainless steel partition maintenance. Stainless steel toilet partitions can be damaged if cleaned with the wrong materials. Spending a little extra money and time on properly maintaining them is the only sensible way to protect your investment in a definitively higher end commercial restroom product.

Stainless steel is made from low-carbon steel containing a minimum of 10 percent chromium. The chromium additive is what makes stainless steel so corrosion resistant. Our most popular brand of toilet partition contains 6-8 percent nickel in addition to 16-18 percent chromium. The nickel and larger percentage of chromium create a more durable surface that is also partly resistant to airborne chemicals.

However, this resistance does not mean you can neglect partition maintenance. Corrosion and discoloration will result from neglect. Also, the wrong cleaners can completely ruin your partitions.

Never use any of the following on stainless steel:

  • Muriatic acid – This is a form of hydrochloric acid that is used to clean up concrete and tile installations. Make sure that you keep this away from your toilet stalls if you are using it to remove debris post-installation.

  • Any type of bleach or industrial cleaner that contains chloride.

  • Highly concentrated soaps should be avoided because they often look like rust when they dry.

  • Tap water with a high iron content should never be used because it contributes to rust. Use distilled water instead.

  • Any type of adhesive that is stuck to a partition should be immediately removed before moisture builds up under the surface and corrodes the steel.

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