What Is A Multi-Purpose Public Restroom Accessories? |

What type of design features do these public restroom accessories offer? They are manufactured from all welded construction stainless steel.

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What is a multi-purpose public restroom accessory?
It is a combination of several accessories into one fixture. Examples include combination soap and paper towel dispensers, paper towel dispensers and trash cans, and mirror and paper towel combo units. These units can be mounted surfaced, semi-recessed, or recessed.

Why combine accessories like this?
More than anything, it is to save on wall space. Smaller restrooms don’t have much of a vanity area. Sinks may only accommodate a single user at a time. There simply may not be enough space to mount individual soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, or mirrors.

Do these units look cheap?
Not at all. We install them all the time in smaller office buildings, recreational facilities, medical examination rooms, hospital patient rooms, single-user restrooms, and even public restrooms in restaurants. The look is not the issue—it’s the smaller size of the unit that makes the difference.

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