The Soft Mesh Office Chair – Maximum Comfort at Minimal Cost

The Soft Mesh Office Chair – Maximum Comfort at Minimal Cost.

Mesh Office Chair

The Viper VOC-520 office chair offers your employees maximum comfort at a minimal cost.  While many of its features are standard to ergonomic office chairs in general, two things make it exceptional in the office seating industry.  One is the incredibly lower price than you typically pay for an adjustable office chair designed with full upper and lower body support in mind.  The other differentiating feature is the nature of the mesh back rest itself.  Unlike practically every other office chair on the market, this mesh office chair is built with a soft mesh backrest that is much easier on clothing and human skin than competing hard mesh backrests.

The best office chairs are those that accommodate ANY user

The best office chairs are those that accommodate ANY user.

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Best Office Chairs

Thanks to Viper, the best office chairs no longer have to cost you and arm and a leg. In fact, they can better support your arms and legs with advanced ergonomic features previously found only in the most expensive office chairs. Both the VOC-510 and the VOC-530 add superior ergonomic support and maximum human comfort to basic office task completion. Even if you do not have the most exciting job in the office, you will enjoy it more from a position of comfort that keeps you feeling good from morning to close of business day.

The VOC-530 adds a number of enhancements to the basic features of the VOC-510. Both the seat and the back are slightly larger in the VOC-530, making them preferable to most users who find the additional room more comfortable. However, it is the ratchet back height adjustment that earns them the reputation of being some of the best office chairs in the marketplace designed specifically for task completion. No matter how tall you are, or how much or little you weight, you can position your backrest at the perfect height to support both your lower back and your upper back.