Self Dumping Hopper Heavy Duty Forklift Attachment For Sale

Self Dumping Hopper Heavy Duty Forklift Attachment For Sale.

Industrial Grade Heavy-Duty Self Dumping Hoppers For Sale

Easy Rack’s heavy duty self dumping hopper forklift attachment are designed for safety first. The following safety features come standard on all Self-Dumping Hoppers:

Hopper Safety Lock – a separate lock prevents the self dumping hopper from accidentally dumping when moving over rough terrain.

Rope Release – allows releasing the latch from the ground level or from the forklift operator’s chair. Forklift operator can discharge the hopper safely even when it is elevated.

Wire Mesh Lifting Forklift Attachment For Sale

Wire Mesh Lifting Forklift Attachment For Sale.

Wire Mesh Lift Forklift Attachment Equipment

Convert your forklift into a dual-purpose vehicle. Attach an Easy Rack forklift wire mesh lifting attachment to any forklift and convert it into wire mesh lifting equipment

The odds are that if you run a commercial warehouse, the largest single asset that you will have made in equipping it is the forklift truck or trucks that you use to move objects and loads around. In spite of this large investment in a single item, many companies find that they do not make the most cost-effective use of their forklift, and struggle to use it as often as they would like – after all, equipment that is not being used is not making money for the business. In order to support businesses in getting more value from their forklift truck, there are a variety of different forklift attachments like our wire mesh handler available that enable the forklift to be used for many different purposes, and thereby be utilized much more profitably by your business.