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Modern cubicles and office spaces offer plenty of useful design features that help employees work more productively. However, cubicle and office furniture designs, materials, and implementation strategies change all the time, so what can you expect in the future from office furniture?

Look for More Standing Work Stations

A growing number of office workers favor standing desks and workstations that get them out of their chairs for large portions of the day. According to Smithsonian Magazine, standing desks offer numerous benefits to workers, including reduced chance of weight gain and a lowered risk for certain diseases and conditions, such as metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease.

A standing workstation can also save room in an office. Without bulky chairs to get in the way, businesses can house employees in smaller areas, which reduces overhead costs and maximizes traffic patterns through an office. Of course, many workers prefer desks that can transition from sitting to standing.

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4 Modular Home Office Furniture Ideas Will Save You Money!

Quality Home Office Furniture

Modular Home Office Furniture Ideas By

Establishing your small business means you need to start small. At first, you may be the only employee, so you don’t need very much office furniture. As your business grows, you’ll begin thinking of adding on more and more employees so your company can handle all the business that comes in. Start smart and furnish your home office with modular office furniture.

Understanding Modular Home Office Furniture

Modular office furniture” may be a confusing term for you. You may wonder if this means furniture you put together from a kit you buy at the discount store. No, it isn’t! Kit furniture is cheaply made and of poor quality.

Modular office furniture is simply pieces of furniture that can be added as the needs of your business dictate. That is, if you start with furniture for yourself, you’ll be able to add more pieces in the same group so everything looks uniform, especially if customers visit your office. Even better, you’ll be able to configure individual desks into either “U” or “L,” as you need. You may not need this, but workstation cubicles are considered to be modular home office furniture as well.

Modular Home Office Furniture Ideas By The Leading Houston Manufacturer Of Cubicles, Workstations, Chairs, Desks, Accessories & Installation.

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Reception Office Furniture Sets

When clients, vendors, and other visitors walk through the front doors of your business, the first thing they see is the reception area. They make snap judgments about your enterprise from those first few seconds, so it’s important to make a positive impression. Your reception office furniture serves as the first step toward creating an inviting, elegant atmosphere.

Decide How Many People Will Work in Reception Area

Some companies hire just one receptionist or front office administrator to greet people as they walk in the front door, direct traffic, pick up the phone, and see to other important details. You might need more than one person in reception, however, which will impact the types of office reception furniture sets you can buy.

For companies with multiple reception employees, you’ll need at least one workstation for each individual. If you run a high-volume business, you might even want extra workstations in case you need to bring in more employees to meet the demand. Offices that cater to dozens of customers each day, such as medical and dental offices, might need more reception workstations than a law office or supply company.

Fine office furniture systems by Cubiture will establish your business with better workflow, comfort, and style. Cubiture sells new & used office furniture

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ReManufactured, Refurbished, Used Office Furniture For Sale

At we provide a large selection of used office furniture for sale including Office chairs, desks & workstations in Houston & Woodlands, Texas.

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Used Office Furniture For Sale In Pasadena, Texas

When you need office furniture for your business, you don’t want to clean out your bank account or force your employees to use substandard equipment. That’s why Cubiture offers a wide selection of high-quality as-is and refurbished office furniture. You don’t have to settle for furnishings that don’t serve your needs or that consume too much of your financial resources.

Whether you operate a call center, sales operation, accounting business, or other type of enterprise, we have office furniture that will meet your needs. Keep the following important points in mind when deciding between new and used office furniture.

Used Prices, Like-New Construction

Cubiture spends considerable time and effort refurbishing used office furniture so it becomes as functional and attractive as its brand new counterparts. Refurbishing or re-manufacturing is the process of adding new surface materials, such as fabric or laminate coatings, to pre-owned furnishings.

Office Furniture Systems For Sale & Installed In Houston TX.

Fine office furniture systems by Cubiture will establish your business with better workflow, comfort, and style. Cubiture sells new & used office furniture

Source: Office Furniture Systems For Sale & Installed In Houston TX.

Luxury Office Furniture

A luxury office isn’t just a place to prop your laptop and store your hanging files. It’s a reflection of your success in business and your position within your company. Every morning, when you set your cup of coffee on the blotter and sit down in your chair to check your email, you want to feel comfortable and inspired, which is what luxury office furniture helps you achieve.

Modern Versus Traditional Office Furniture

When you picture a professional office, what finishes and design details spring to mind? You might prefer a more traditional office space with rich, laminate wood finishes and closed storage spaces, or perhaps you’d like to work in a modern, airy space with lacquered surfaces and open shelving.

High-End Office Furniture: Where Do You Start?

High-End Office Furniture

Executive Office FurnitureA “ready-to-assemble” desk from the discount store won’t look right in a high-end office. In addition, the business owner who bought this piece of furniture will get exactly what they paid for – not very much. When it’s time for the business owner to buy high-quality office furniture, they need to realize that the new furniture will give a positive impression to customers and visitors as they come in.

Options in High-End Office Furniture

Executive chairs, simple desks that reflect the high profile of the business and a bookcase with glass-fronted doors may feel a little “rich” to the business owner who has been slaving to make their business a success. If they aren’t comfortable with ornate furniture, they can choose high-end furniture that is simpler, but still just as original.

For instance, the desks used by executives and other employees don’t have to be massive and made of dark wood. It doesn’t have to have several drawers. Instead, that desk can be a simple, wood item with a single center drawer and either a wood or glass-top surface.

Source: High-End Office Furniture: Where Do You Start?

What Defines Quality Office Furniture?

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Refurbished Office Furniture

Whether the business person in need of new office furniture is an independent contractor working from their home or they are a small-business owner who goes to an office and oversees employees, they need high-quality office furniture. While they may believe that buying the cheapest thing they can find is a good idea, they’ll get exactly what they pays for: low-quality furniture that they’ll have to replace sooner than they wanted to.

Know What is Needed

It’s tempting for a business owner to walk into the office furniture store and point at item after item, indicating that they want to buy every piece. Two factors should affect their choices: What they need and, to a degree, price.

Medical Office Furniture for Sale: How to Find What You Need

Medical Office Furniture for Sale: How to Find What You Need.

Houston Medical Office Furniture For Sale

Styles of Medical Office Furniture

Medical offices choose different furniture styles, depending on the environment of each office. Some offices like to introduce lots of color and different shapes as they welcome patients who may be feeling ill or apprehensive about a possible medical diagnosis.

For waiting areas, the ultimate consideration is comfort. Furniture can be eye-catching and attractive, but if it isn’t comfortable, the patients won’t want to sit and wait on it. In work areas and exam rooms, again, staff members want to be comfortable. The furniture they use has to be adjusted for different heights and functions. Desk surfaces have to be sturdy and at the most comfortable level for nurses and office staff. Filing cabinets have to be attractive and work well.

Home Office Furniture: Bridging Style and Functionality

Home Office Furniture: Bridging Style and Functionality.

Refurbished Home Office Furniture For Sale In Houston Texas. FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA

An office does not have to sacrifice style for functionality. With so many office furniture choices available, you can design your home office to look visually appealing and still be highly functional. There is no reason why the home office cannot be both an office and an area of your home where you can also relax while enjoying added living space.

Here are a few ideas to make your home office stylish and functional.


All home offices need a office desk and ergonomic chair, but why not make the office a cozy den? You could add a sofa to enjoy an afternoon siesta or for the kids to lounge on while they visit with you. You can place pillows on the sofa and a throw to make it even more appealing. You can add a recliner or lounge chair to the area for a guest or family member to seek comfort or for you to escape the confines of your desk chair and work with your laptop.

10 Great Home Office Furniture Ideas Can Save You Money!

10 Great Home Office Furniture Ideas Can Save You Money!.

Modular Home Office Furniture Ideas

Home offices don’t have to look like “the office.” In fact, those who work from home may best serve their needs by using what they already have at home, such as the decor in the room they have selected as their office. To create that office space, they can scour Internet listings to find bookcases, desks and storage ideas that will complement the room’s decor.

Scale it Small

If the space in the home is too small for a regular sized desk or other office furnishings, the business owner still has options open to her. These include finding smaller pieces that still enable her to store inventory, books, files, office supplies and a laptop computer.